Puello Sees Creso Arrival as Positive Step

Puello Sees Creso Arrival as Positive StepSANTO DOMINGO. José Joaquín Puello has witnessed firsthand the main accomplishments of Dominican Olympism in the last three decades. And he did  not miss the launch of what he understands to be one of the projects that will deliver best results.

Puello graded the creation of the program Creando Sueños Olímpicos- CRESO, as an essential step towards Dominican sports to elevate their international results, given that they have reached a level where public investment on its own cannot withstand the demands.

“Spain is one of the main references of how private investment can help a country make that leap “ said Puello, Chairman Ad-Vitam of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD).

A total of eight companies have joined in to invest in the development of a group of athletes (60 to start) in 10 disciplines with a medium-term goal focused on the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games of 2016.

“I believe this comes to strengthen programs such as PARNI, which has delivered excellent results since its implementation. It is its complement”, said Puello.

This renowned surgeon was the main promoter for the 2003 XIV Pan American Games to be hosted in the Dominican Republic, and is a member of the Medical Commision of the International Olympic Committee.

SOURCE: Diario Libre

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