Welcome Felipe Vicini and CRESO!

Welcome Felipe Vicini and CRESOThe Dominican Olympic Committee, aware that all its resources could not come from the State, for a long time studied and searched for greater moral and economic support from various sectors of society.

As a result of its efforts, last week, in a solemn event, it was announced that Dominican sports were receiving a great backing, on this occasion from a well-known group of companies which have joined in an entity called “Creating Olympic Dreams”, and which will be known by its Spanish initials: CRESO.

The group was formed at the initiative of Mr. Felipe A. Vicini, Executive President of the Vicini Group.

During his presentation of Creso, Felipe Vicini made an ardent call to Dominican entrepreneurs to join the initiative that will endeavor to provide assistance to high performance athletes in the Dominican Republic.

At once his call was answered by Corripio Group, Mercasid, Central Romana, Ferquido, Banco Popular, and Claro-Codetel.

Felipe Vicini explained how the project was started in 2009, stating that together with the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) the objective of the initiative was an investment agreement, with the companies he manages, for high performance athletes.

The entrepreneur said, and I quote: “This agreement is to support athletes in order to give them economic independence so that they can devote themselves to sports, while obtaining an education.”

“Creso provides resources which work as an additional guarantee to the official budget, not a substitution”, added Vicini, stating that one of the objectives “is to promote an increase and sustained and programmatic support of all sectors involved with sports”.

“The program promotes long-term sport, social, and educational development; creating role models of leaders that can become good citizens formed with a criteria of excellence, hard work, dignity, and committed to its country”.

“Creso invests resources in the fields of boxing, sailing, fencing, taekwondo, athletics, handball and weight lifting; and expects to include sportspersons who play tennis, ping-pong, and Olympic wrestling”. “This is a long-term effort”, end of quote.

Vicini was accompanied by Messrs Marcial Najri, from Ferquido; José Marmol from Banco Popular; Freddy Domínguez from Claro-Codetel; Julio Brache from Rica Group; Manuel Corripio from Corripio Group; Roberto Bonetti from Mercasid, and Frank Micheli from Central Romana.

A clear vision on the part of Felipe Vicini, who is aware that the Nation´s progress and development are not only the Government´s responsibility but of all its living forces; therefore, this endeavor of the entrepreneurs mentioned above constitutes a significant contribution to the Dominican Republic.

Congratulations Messrs Vicini, Najri, Mármol, Domínguez, Brache, Corripio, Bonetti and Central Romana!

The COD must respond

Dominican sport has given the most positive step in its history and I plead that it responds to this great initiative with honesty and commitment. I am confident that it will, because the image projected by the Olympic Committee, chaired by Luis Mejía Oviedo, is one of transparency.

That is why he has approached the Supreme Court of Justice, with the creation of the Arbitration Court; the Attorney General of the Republic, for the implementation of accounting rules of all its operations, and the implementation of sports management courses to ensure transparency of the federations´ financial activities.

No doubt, the Dominican Olympic Committee has been preparing for the new times, to face The Sun, with the corresponding stature to stand next to the brands that constitute “Creating Olympic Dreams” (Creso). That is my only hope!

Espaillat Province

Last week the Espaillat Province held the second version of the Universal Fame ceremony, giving immortality to great native figures, whose works are known at the national and international level.

Ten new individuals were acknowledged with great enthusiasm and emotion.

In the field of sports recognition was made to: Juan Delfino García (Bragañita), and Dr. Rubén Lulo Gitte in Volleyball, both had already been included in the Dominican Sports Fame Pavillion.

Recognition was also given to the intellectual from Moca, Aída Cartagena Portalatín in Literature; Gabriel del Orbe, considered the greatest violinist performer of our country; the renowned painter from Moca, Guillo Pérez, and two great scientists who have transcended in the Dominican scenario and abroad, Drs. Juan Manuel Taveras Rodríguez and Serio Arturo Bencosme Ruiz.

In the field of patriotism, Ramón Cáceres Vásquez, national hero who participated in the execution of the dictator Ulises Heureaux; General Juan Rodríguez García (Juancito), considered the greatest symbol of resistance against the Trujillo dictatorship, and Antonio de la Maza Vásquez, who was part of the group that executed the tyrant Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina on the night of May 30, 1961.

The ceremony started with the welcoming words of Espaillat´s senator, Dr. José Rafael Vargas, Vice President of the Permanent Committee, who explained how memorable it was to gather the important guests that were present to acknowledge and applaud the work of those who yesteryears taught us unforgettable lessons.

Héctor García

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